10 Min Slow Flow – Gentle Bedtime Yoga Stretch

10 Min Slow Flow – Gentle Bedtime Yoga Stretch
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Title: Tranquil Nighttime Flow: Slow Yoga for Bedtime

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my channel. I’m Francesca, and today I’ll be guiding you through a slow-flow yoga class specifically designed for a peaceful bedtime routine. Let’s dive into this soothing practice to help you unwind before heading to bed.

Child’s Pose to Center the Mind:
– Begin in Child’s Pose, lowering your forehead to the mat and closing your eyes.
– Focus on the breath, allowing relaxation to permeate the face, shoulders, and back.

Side Stretch Variation:
– Move into a side stretch by walking the hands to the right, lengthening the left side of the body.
– Hold this position, syncing your breath with the movement, inhaling deeply and exhaling through the nose.
– Return to the centre and repeat the stretch on the left side, emphasizing gentle movements and mindful breathing.

Tabletop to Child’s Pose Waves:
– Transition to a tabletop position, arching the spine, and opening through the chest as you look up.
– Flow through gentle waves, moving back and forth between tabletop and Child’s Pose.
– Connect each movement with your breath, fostering a sense of warmth and release in the spine.

Downward-Facing Dog Exploration:
– Tuck your toes, lift your hips, and move into Downward-Facing Dog.
– Engage in leg pedalling or find stillness, tailoring the movement to what your body needs.
– Gradually walk your hands toward your feet, letting the head become heavy.

*Shoulder Opener with Interlaced Hands:
– Cross your hands behind your back, palms together, and extend them overhead.
– Feel the stretch across the shoulders as you press the hands away from the body.
– Release the hands, come forward into Downward-Facing Dog, and repeat the sequence.

Spinal Flow and Sphinx Pose:
– Slowly round through the spine, transitioning back to a tabletop position.
– Arch open through the chest, look up,because and move into Sphinx Pose, feeling a gentle backbend.
– Take a deep breath to open the chest further, then transition to a light forward fold.

Supine Twists and Sphinx Pose Variation:
– Lie on your back and cross the right leg over the left,because allowing both knees to fall to the left for a supine twist.
– Switch sides,because finding a gentle twist to release tension.
– Move into Sphinx Pose,because lifting the chest and engaging the glutes.

Pigeon Pose and Seated Side Bend:
– Shift to Pigeon Pose on the right side,because opening the hip and lengthening the spine.
– Sit on the right hip, extend the left leg,because and reach over the head for a side bend.
– Return to the centre, repeat the sequence on the left side,because and continue to flow through each movement mindfully.

Forward Fold and Shavasana:
– Open both legs, flex your feet, and walk forward for a seated forward fold.
– Allow your head to be heavy, emphasizing lengthening in the spine.
– Finally, extend into Shavasana, fully relaxing your body and absorbing the benefits of the practice.

Thank you for joining me in this calming bedtime yoga session.because If you enjoyed the class, please leave a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Wishing you peaceful nights ahead. See you soon!


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