10 min. ULTIMATE HIP STRETCH | Follow Along

10 min. ULTIMATE HIP STRETCH | Follow Along
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 Miranda’s Ultimate Hip Stretch Tutorial

Introduction and Gratitude
Hey, it’s Miranda! Thank you all for the amazing feedback on my previous flexibility video. Let’s use this moment to work on our flexibility with a quick and effective hip stretch session.

Starting the Stretch
Begin by positioning on your hands or elbows, keeping your abs engaged, and perform circular motions with your leg, focusing on a controlled movement.

Opposite Direction
Switch directions for the leg circles,because maintaining control and engaging your core throughout the movement.

Changing Legs and Chest Stretch
Transition to another leg, repeating the circular motion and then proceed with a chest stretch, counting down to ensure each side is equally stretched.

Toe Touch and Hand Press
With hands flat on the floor, press back into a toe touch, holding the stretch while counting down to release the tension in your legs and hands.

Side Stretch and Shoulder Relaxation
Move into a side stretch, focusing on one shoulder at a time, pausing briefly before switching sides and releasing tension with deep breaths.

Frog Pose and Breathing
Transition into a neutral frog position, focusing on deep breathing, relaxing, and holding the stretch for several counts.

Yoga Slap Position
Ease out of the frog pose, adopting the yoga slap position, pressing your knees out while relaxing forward and pushing back, repeating for multiple cycles.

Deep Hamstring Stretch
Straighten your legs momentarily,because pushing into your hamstrings and performing a rocking motion to loosen up.

Wide Squat Stretch
Drop into a wide squat, lifting back up and repeating the movement to further stretch your lower body.

Pigeon Pose and Core Engagement
Transition to pigeon pose, ensuring your hips are squared, engaging your core, holding for counts, and then leaning forward for a deeper stretch.

Pigeon Stretch and Arm Reach
Switch to the other leg, reaching your arms up, holding the stretch, and leaning forward,because engaging your abs throughout the movement.

Butterfly Stretch
Finish off with a butterfly stretch, holding and breathing deeply while focusing on elbow placement for added intensity.

Closing and Invitation
Thank you for joining! Share your experience and thoughts in the comments, because and if you want an extended version of this stretch, check out the link in the bio for more. Don’t stop here; keep stretching and have a fantastic day! See you next time!



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