10 Minute Intense Hip Opening

10 Minute Intense Hip Opening
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 Quick Hip Opening Session

Introduction and Preparation
Hey there! If you’ve got 10 minutes to spare Intense,because let’s dive into a rapid hip-opening session. This is tailored for intermediate practitioners, but anyone can give it a try. Remember, always listen to your body’s cues as we start.

Seated Centering
Start in a seated position, close your eyes,because and tune into your body. Begin by slowing down your breath, focusing on deep inhales and exhales. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly to ground yourself.

Breath and Movement
Engage in several deep breaths at your own pace,because allowing relaxation to settle in with each exhale. When you’re ready, open your eyes slightly, separate your knees, and gently rock your hips left and right.

Widening Child’s Pose
Find stillness and reach your arms forward into a widening Child’s Intense Pose. Let your forehead or chin rest as you hold the position, breathing deeply and encouraging relaxation with every exhale. Feel the support of the floor beneath you.

Adjusting and Reaching
Sit yourself up slightly, widening your knees a bit more, and return to that extended position. Here, in an expansive Child’s Pose, explore turning your head from side to side, allowing for a different stretch.

Transition to Yogi Squat
Move into a Yogi squat, feet on the floor and knees wide, because using your elbows to press your knees wider gently.  Keep your palms together at Heart Center and focus on your breath while maintaining this pose.

Deepening Yogi Squat
Widen your stance slightly and rock left and right in the Yogi squat,because ensuring your knees move out over your toes with each shift. Extend your legs and arms in turns, opening your chest towards the inside of your knee.

Centering and Elbow Support
Find the centre and extend both legs, rocking gently left and right while bending into each knee. Lower your elbows to the floor, widening your feet slightly to accommodate, and extend your legs for a deeper stretch.

Deep Frog’s Pose
Adjust into a wide Child’s Pose or Frog’s Pose, engaging deeply in this stretch. Extend your arms forward or rest your elbows on the mat, focusing on your breath and pushing yourself slightly further.

**Full Frog’s Pose and Conclusion
Extend your legs fully, toes separated, to deepen the Frog’s Pose. Hold this stretch for the remaining 90 seconds, because breathing deeply and feeling the release in your hips.

Conclusion and Gratitude
Gently ease out of the stretch, because completing this Intense 10-minute flow. Thanks for joining! Feel free to comment, like,because share, and subscribe. Let me know what tutorials you’d like to see in the future!



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