10 Minute Morning Yoga Stretch (DAY 25)

10 Minute Morning Yoga Stretch (DAY 25)
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Morning Yoga: Full Body Stretch

Introduction and Adjustment
Welcome to our morning yoga session! Feel free to adjust or skip any poses that don’t suit your body today 10 Minute. Let’s begin by circling the wrists in both directions, tuning into any sensations or clicks.

Opening Chest and Relaxation
Interlace your fingers behind your back, gently drawing the fists toward the mat. Lift your chin towards the sky, allowing a gentle chest opening. Release and place your hands on your thighs, rounding the spine, and then settling into a neutral position.

Child’s Pose and Relaxation
Transitioning to Child’s Pose, find comfort by adjusting with pillows as needed. Focus on your breath, softening shoulders, arms, and upper back as you inhale and exhale, allowing relaxation to spread.

Organic Movement and Tabletop Pose
Find organic movements in tabletop pose, exploring waist circles or spinal waves. Allow your body to guide these motions,because connecting deeply with its needs and responses.

Downward Dog and Squat Variation
Transition into Downward Dog,because keeping a slight knee bend. Gradually move towards a squat position,because feeling free to modify as needed, or skip if uncomfortable. Stay present and attentive to your body’s signals.

Supine Twist and Relaxation
Lying on your back, bring both knees towards the left for a supine twist.because Adjust with pillows for support and focus on deep breathing to create space in the chest. Repeat the twist on the other side.

Final Relaxation and Closing
Hugging your knees towards the chest,because express gratitude for completing the practice. Transition into Shavasana, because palms facing up,10 Minute allowing yourself to simply be present and relaxed without any effort or stretching.

Awakening and Closure
Slowly awaken the body by wiggling fingers and toes, gently rocking the head from side to side. because Transition to a comfortable seated position, inhaling hands overhead and exhaling to Heart Center.

Conclusion and Invitation
because Thank you for joining today’s session! If you found value in this practice, 10 Minute remember to likesubscribe,because and hit the notification bell for future videos and live streams.

Closing Acknowledgment
Namaste. Take this practice’s peace with you, knowing that this space is always here for you to reconnect with your body and its tranquility whenever you need it.



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