11 Minute Chair Yoga Practice | Chair Yoga for Beginners & older | Easy Chair Yoga With Bodsphere

11 Minute Chair Yoga Practice | Chair Yoga for Beginners & older | Easy Chair Yoga With Bodsphere
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 Chair Yoga for Well-being

 Introduction to Chair Yoga
In this session, Samantha and Pritika present Chiayoga, an immensely beneficial practice, especially for those who spend prolonged hours sitting, whether due to office work or physical limitations.

 Benefits and Accessibility
Chiayoga offers an opportunity to stay fit and healthy even while seated on a chair. It’s particularly advantageous for individuals dealing with injuries or body issues that prevent them from practicing yoga on a mat.

 Setting Up for Practice
To start, ensure you sit tall and adjust your spine for proper alignment. Rest your palms on your thighs and begin with gentle head movements, synchronizing them with your breath.

 Neck and Shoulder Movements
Moving on to the neck, Samantha and Pritika guide you through lateral and rotational movements. These exercises aim to maintain flexibility without putting strain on the body.

 Wrist and Shoulder Rotations
Transitioning to wrist rotations and shoulder movements, these exercises aim to open up the body gradually, promoting flexibility and relieving tension.

 Spinal Twists and Bends
The session progresses into gentle twists and side bends, offering stretches to the spine and sides. With a focus on maintaining a gentle smile, these movements aim to increase flexibility and release tension.

 Chest and Pelvic Stretches
The practice continues with stretches targeting the chest and pelvic regions. By holding various poses and gently pushing legs or arms, these movements provide relief and a sense of openness.

 Seated Forward Bend
The practice culminates in a seated forward bend, promoting a gentle release of tension and encouraging relaxation while remaining seated on the chair.

 Closing and Conclusion
As the session nears completion,because Samantha and Pritika guide participants through calming stretches that aim to relax the body and mind, concluding the Chiayoga session.

 Encouragement and Interaction
Viewers are encouraged to engage by leaving questions or comments,because ensures an interactive and supportive environment. The practitioners emphasize the importance of subscribing for further content.

Chiayoga on a chair offers a holistic approach to well-being, emphasizing physical movement, mindful breathing, and relaxation while seated. The practice aims to enhance flexibility, relieve tension, and promote overall wellness.

 Signing Off
As the session comes to an end because Samantha and Pritika express gratitude and encourage viewers to continue practising Chiayoga for their holistic health.

The transcript covers a comprehensive chair yoga session led by Samantha and Pritika because incorporating a range of movements and stretches beneficial for individuals seated for extended periods.



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