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 High Step Marching
The rhythmic beats set the pace as we initiate the High Step Marching routine. Beginning at one, each count guides the steps: two, three, and four maintain the tempo. As the numbers climb, so do the strides until we reach the pinnacle at thirty. The music cues a moment of reprieve before we transition to the next set.

 Back Turns
With the command, “now next,” the sequence shifts to Back Turns. Precision becomes key as we execute a series of backward turns, marked by the count from one to twenty. A brief pause follows this sequence, marked by foreign tunes, before we move on to the subsequent exercise.

 Deep Squats
Transitioning seamlessly, the atmosphere changes as we delve into Deep Squats. The rhythm cues us as we begin at one, sinking into each count until we reach the fourteenth. A brief interlude of rest separates this from the upcoming challenge.

 Reach and Squat
In the next phase, the command propels us into Reach and Squat. Counting begins anew, guiding us through the movements until the fourteenth count. A momentary pause punctuates this segment before the rhythm picks up again.

 Running Man
The beat intensifies as we engage in the Running Man routine. Each count aligns with a step forward until we reach the fourteenth count. A brief respite follows, marked by melodic notes before the next sequence.

 The Windmill
With precision and grace, we embark on The Windmill routine. Each count guides a deliberate motion until we reach forty. A momentary pause allows for recovery before the subsequent exercise.

 Arm Circles
Syncing with the beats, Arm Circles commence. Sequential counts accompany each rotation until we reach twenty, followed by a brief interlude for recovery.

The command initiates a set of Punches, each count aligning with a punch until the fourteenth. A moment of rest follows before transitioning to the next sequence.

 Donkey Kicks (Left & Right)
Separate commands propel us into Left and Right Donkey Kicks. With precise counts, each kick is executed until we reach the fourteenth count, followed by a moment of respite after each sequence.

 Mountain Climber
The final sequence of the routine commences with Mountain Climbers. The counts guide each movement until the fourteenth count, marking the completion of this rigorous routine.


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