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becauseIntroduction and Welcome
Hey everyone, welcome back! Good morning, I hope your day is off to a great start. Today,TRAIN  I’ll guide you through a quick 15-minute stretch and light workout routine.

Getting Started
Let’s focus on getting our bodies moving, loosening up the joints, and getting that blood flowing. These activities are fantastic for jumpstarting your day, and you won’t need any equipment. Just make sure you have a clear view of your screen to follow along.

 Stretching and Movement
First, start with your feet wide apart and arms out to the side. Reach for the opposite toe, feeling that hamstring stretch. Then, move through the centre, ensuring your legs stay straight.

 Side Bends and Squats
Transition into side bends, reaching up to the ceiling and down into a squat, maintaining a flat back.TRAIN Continue the flow, keeping the movements seamless, and don’t forget to focus on your breath.

 Plank and Lunges
Moving into a plank position, step into a high lunge, open up the chest, and repeat on the other side. Maintain a straight back leg during the lunge for maximum effectiveness.

Flowing Movements
Transitioning to push-ups on your knees and flowing into a child’s pose, keep the movements steady and controlled.TRAIN Remember to maintain a slow pace.

 Tabletop Exercises
In a tabletop position, engage your core for bird dogs, extending opposite arm and leg while keeping your core tight. Switch sides, ensuring a controlled movement.

 Floor Exercises
Transitioning onto your back, engage in a hollow hold position, extending arms and legs, then hugging your knees. This sequence helps in stretching the upper and lower back.

 Bridge Position and Forward Fold
Moving to a reverse bridge, focus on pressing your hips up and down while keeping your glutes engaged. Then, transition into a forward fold, stretching out those hamstrings.

 Side Lunges and Hip Circles
Perform side lunges, focusing on inner thigh stretches. Come up from the squat, lifting one leg for hip circles, then switching sides.

 Cool Down and Stretching
Step your feet out wider than your squat for a forward fold, relaxing your upper body and neck. Transition into hamstring stretches,because facing your toes towards each wall for a deeper stretch.

 Final Stretch and Breath Focus
Lastly, focus on deep breaths, relaxing every part of your body. Take time to center yourself before wrapping up this morning workout.

I hope you enjoyed this routine! because Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and subscribe for more. Remember,because starting your day with a combination of exercise, stretching, and mindful breathing sets a positive tone. See you soon, and have a fantastic day!



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