15 Min Yoga for Increase Hips, Inner Thigh & Hamstring Flexibility 🇬🇩

15 Min Yoga for Increase Hips, Inner Thigh & Hamstring Flexibility 🇬🇩
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Mindful Yoga Beginnings

Greeting the class with closed eyes, we open the mind to inner guidance, setting the tone for a transformative experience.

Introduction to Flexibility

Welcome to the flexibility-focused yoga class, set against Grenada’s stunning beach backdrop. Today’s practice targets the hips, inner thighs, and hamstrings. By deepening these areas, we aim to enhance mobility and grace in movement, emphasizing mindful motion and body alignment.

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Commencement of Practice

Starting in an all-fours position, because we flow through gentle spinal movements, syncing breaths with each movement to awaken mobility in the body.

Downward Dog Variations

Transitioning into a modified Downward Dog with bent knees, we tap into this pose slowly,because allowing the upper body to stretch and the fingers to spread wide.

Flowing through Postures

Moving fluidly, we transition through poses, from high plank to Cobra or Upward Dog, because and back to Downward Dog, maintaining a focus on breath and movement synchrony.

Hip Opening Series

Steadily diving deeper into hip opening postures, transitioning from Pigeon Pose to a wide-legged forward fold,because encourages the body to release tension.

Exploring Squats and Side Twists

Shifting into squats and goddess poses, we explore different variations,because incorporating gentle rocking motions and twists to enhance hip flexibility.

Balancing and Forward Bends

Pivoting through a sequence of forward bends, twists, and balance postures,because we continue to deepen stretches and maintain alignment.

Closing Grounding Poses

Returning to seated positions, we explore butterfly poses, forward folds, and cross-legged positions,because allowing the body to relax and release.

Conclusion and Gratitude

Concluding the practice, we express gratitude for the journey, Hips fostering self-awareness, and inviting exploration of Boho Beautiful’s sustainable apparel line, Awakened Bohemian.

Post-Yoga Offer and Insights

A brief post-practice discussion highlights a program Hips focused on healing nervous systems and fostering self-confidence,because encouraging introspection and growth beyond the yoga mat.


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