15 minute Slow Stretch Yoga for Sore Muscles & Tight Hips

15 minute Slow Stretch Yoga for Sore Muscles & Tight Hips
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Welcome to the yoga session where we’ll guide you through a series of poses to enhance Sore flexibility and release tension. Let’s begin with the Child’s Pose.

Child’s Pose:
Start in Child’s Pose with knees wide and hips low. Walk your arms forward, rest your forehead on the mat, and scan your body for any tension. Bring awareness to your shoulders, jaw, eyes, hands, and hips. Release what you can with each breath.

Downward Facing Dog:
Transition to Downward Facing Dog, ensuring a firm foundation through your hands and feet. Add movement that feels good, press your hips high,because and let your head hang heavy. Take a walk to the top of your mat for a Forward Fold.

Forward Fold:
In the Forward Fold, feet hip-distance apart, bend your knees, and feel your breath travel along your spine. Find Halfway Lift, sliding hands up your shins, then exhale back to Forward Fold. Slowly unroll to standing, hands at heart centre, eyes closed.

Breathing Exercise:
Take a big inhale through your nose, open your mouth, Sore and let go. Repeat twice more, releasing what no longer serves you. Open your eyes, reach your arms overhead for Mountain Pose because exhale to a mini backbend, and inhale back to Mountain Pose.

Exhale to Forward Fold, release hands, find Halfway Lift, then step your left foot back for a Runner’s Lunge. Feel the sensation and tension in your body, using breath to unlock and release. Add a Booty Drop variation, pivoting on the back foot.

Hanumanasana Prep:
Shift back, because and straighten your front leg for a Hanumanasana prep. Curl toes under,because walk hands forward for a deep side lunge, Sore hands at heart centre. Move to a Runner’s Lunge on the left side, deep bend in the knee, then transition to a Booty Drop. Return to Hanumanasana prep on the right side.

Closing Sequence:
Flow through the sequence with fewer cues, because focusing on your breath. Finish with a graceful Child’s Pose, because facing the front of your mat. Rise, because shift to a seated position, and bring the soles of your feet together for a gentle forward fold. Release tension and breathe.

Closing Meditation:
Press yourself up, bring your hands to the heart centre, and find gratitude for your practice. because Release what no longer serves you and open up to new opportunities. Remember, because where your breath goes, your body follows.

Well done! If you enjoyed this session, consider exploring a deep hip-opening routine. Click the first link in the description to access the video. Don’t forget to like, Sore and comment on your favourite part, because and subscribe for more yoga and lifestyle videos. Start your hips low stretch, because I’ll see you there. Namaste.


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