15 minute Super Chill Yoga Stretches for Relaxation

15 minute Super Chill Yoga Stretches for Relaxation
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Introduction to Child’s Pose:
Welcome to yoga. Let’s start in a Child’s Pose with knees wide and hips low. Walk your arms forward, Relaxation  your forehead on the mat. Take a moment to scan your body.

Body Awareness in Child’s Pose:
Bring awareness to any tension in your shoulders, jaw,because eyes, hands, and hips. Release by simply acknowledging and letting go. Slowly rise and transition to a seated position.

Seated Forward Fold:
Shift your legs out in front,because bringing the soles of your feet together. Instead of forcing your knees open, relax your body as you hinge forward. Let your head hang heavy and feel your breath flow through your spine.

Cleanup through Awareness:
Sometimes,Relaxation all we need is to bring awareness to the things no longer serving us. Look within, release the unnecessary,because and feel the freedom.

Figure Four Stretch:
Lie on your back for a Figure Four stretch. Place your left ankle on your right knee,because pulling your shin towards your body. Allow your shoulders to melt into the mat. Switch sides,because feeling the stretch and breathing into the sensation.

Supine Spinal Twist:
Hold your right knee into your body, extend the left leg down,because and draw your knee across your body for a supine spinal twist. Feel the stretch from your right shoulder to your left hip. Switch sides.

Full Wind Pose:
Pull both knees into your body for a full wind pose,because resetting your lower back. Explore any other postures that call out to you.

Shavasana – Final Relaxation:
Finish with Shavasana,because taking up space and feeling your body unfold. Relaxation Close your eyes, bask in the sensations, and let your natural breath flow through your body.

Closing Meditation:
Gently bring movement back into your fingers and toes. Inhale and exhale,because stretching through your limbs. Curl up on one side, then press yourself up to a seated position. Bring hands to heart centre, expressing gratitude for your practice and the release of what no longer serves you.

Remember that where your breath goes, your body follows. Allow your breath to be fluid, strong, and calm. Well done, yogi. If you enjoyed this session, because consider exploring a hips slow stretch routine. Click the link in the description for access. Like, comment,because and subscribe for more yoga and lifestyle videos. Start your hips low stretch, because I’ll see you there. Namaste.


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