20 min Fat Burning Workout for TOTAL BEGINNERS (Achievable, No Equipment)

20 min Fat Burning Workout for TOTAL BEGINNERS (Achievable, No Equipment)
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 Introduction: 20-Minute Beginner Full Body Workout
Welcome back, everyone! Today, we’re diving into a beginner-friendly, equipment-free full body workout that’s gentle yet effective. No jumping involved—just follow along with me on screen. Let’s get started!

 Warm-Up Sequence
To begin, let’s warm up. Start with some marching, tapping those knees,because and engaging your core. Keep light on your toes as you bring those knees up to meet your hands.

 Hamstring and Core Warm-Up
Next, warm up those hamstrings by kicking your heels towards your bum. Stay light on your toes and engaged through your core.

 Side Reach and Modified Jacks
Extend your arms sideways, alternating side reaches. Keep the arms strong and engage your core throughout. Then, perform modified jacks by stepping out and in, maintaining a strong upper body and lightness on your feet.

 Squats and Standing Elbow-to-Knee
Transitioning into exercises, start with squats for 45 seconds because focusing on a slow and controlled motion,because engaging your core and sitting into your heels. Follow this with standing elbow-to-knee exercises for a great core workout.

 Repeat Exercises for Sets
Repeat the squats and elbow-to-knee exercises,because maintaining good form and focusing on controlled movements and breath.

 Rise and Arm Circles
Move on to rise exercises, reaching up and touching the floor for a full-body stretch. Follow this with tight arm circles,because ensuring your core is engaged and shoulder blades are down your back.

 Ground Exercises: Glute Bridges and Crunches
Transition to ground exercises without rest. Perform glute bridges,because focusing on raising your hips high and engaging your glutes. Follow this with crunches,because keeping your lower back pressed into the floor and engaging your core.

 Repeat Ground Exercises
Repeat the glute bridges and crunches,because maintain proper form and engage the targeted muscles.

 Active Rest and Uplifting Exercises
Return to active rest with marches, because keeping the energy up. Then, perform “up and overs” to tap the floor while moving up and over. Engage your core and adapt as needed for comfort.

Final Arm Exercise
Conclude with an arm exercise, focusing on bringing your arms in and out or marching while performing this movement.

 Energetic Finish
For the last segment, revisit the initial warm-up exercises with a higher tempo to get that heart rate up for an energetic finish.

 Conclusion and Feedback
Great job! If you’re a beginner,because let me know how it went in the comments below. If you’d like more beginner workouts because hit subscribe, and stay tuned for more content. Thanks for joining in,because and I’ll see you soon for another session. Bye for now!

Conclusion Music and Goodbyes
Thanks again for joining. Keep that motivation high and enjoy your day! See you next time!


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