20 min Fat Burning Workout for TOTAL BEGINNERS (Achievable, No Equipment)

20 min Fat Burning Workout for TOTAL BEGINNERS (Achievable, No Equipment)
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 Intro: 20-Minute Beginner Full Body Workout

 Equipment-Free and Jump-Free
Welcome back! Today, it’s a 20-minute full-body workout tailored for beginners. No jumping involved, no equipment needed. Ensure you have a clear view of the screen to follow along easily. Let’s dive in!

 Warm-Up Sequence

 Marching and Knee Taps
Start with a light warm-up: march and tap your knees.because Focus on engaging your core, bringing your knees up to meet your hands, and staying light on your toes.

 Hamstring Warm-Up
Warm up those hamstrings by kicking your bum.because Stay light on your toes and keep that core engaged throughout.

 Side Reaching
Next, perform side reaches, stepping out and reaching your arm up and over.because Keep those arms strong and engaged.

 Modified Jacks
Step out and in, similar to a jumping jack but without the jump.because Keep your upper body strong and shoulders relaxed.

Circuit 1: Squats and Elbow to Knee

 Regular Squats
Squat slowly for 45 seconds,because maintaining a tight core and controlled movement throughout.

 Standing Elbow to Knee
Bring your elbows to meet your knees in a standing position.because Pace yourself and keep moving.

 Active Rest and Repeat

 Marching Break
During the 15-second active rest, keep moving with light marching before repeating the squats and elbow-to-knee exercises.

Circuit 2: Reaching Rises and Arm Circles

 Rise and Touch the Floor
Reach up toward the ceiling, touch the floor,because and repeat. Ensure a strong upper body and engage those inner thighs.

 Tight Arm Circles
Circle your arms backward, keeping them straight out from your shoulders.because Focus on controlled movement and posture.

 Active Rest and Repeating Exercises

 Maintain Movement
March in place during the 15-second rest before redoing the rise-and-touch and tight arm circle exercises, reversing the arm circles.

Ground Exercises

 Glute Bridges
No active rest here, but engage your glutes. Keep feet flat, hips up,because and focus on using those glutes to lift.

Lie down, fingertips by ears, and perform controlled crunches.because Maintain form and focus on engaging your core.

Final Circuits and Wrap-Up

 Exercise Repeat and Active Rest
Repeat glute bridges and crunches before moving to the last set of exercises without active rest.

 Up and Over and Arm Exercises
Stand up and tap the floor,because going up and over. Follow up with the arm exercise to engage chest and back muscles.

Final High-Energy Round

 Intensified Movements
Engage in high-energy marches, kicks, side reaches,because and step jacks for 30 seconds each to raise the heart rate.

Conclusion: Sign-Off and Encouragement

Wrapping Up
Great work! Hope you enjoyed this beginner workout. If you’re new,because share your experience in the comments. Subscribe for more workouts and stay tuned for upcoming beginner routines. Keep up the fantastic work! See you soon!


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