20 min Full Body STRETCH/YOGA for STRESS & ANXIETY Relief

20 min Full Body STRETCH/YOGA for STRESS & ANXIETY Relief
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 Introduction: Stress Relief Yoga Session
Hey everyone! I’m thrilled you’ve joined me today for a quick stress-relief yoga or stretch session. Whether it’s to kickstart your morning or unwind before bedtime, this routine is designed to help you relax and destress. We’ll focus on gentle stretches and mindful breathing techniques.

 Preparation and Setup
Before we dive in, gather a few essentials. You won’t need much—just a mat to cushion your stretches and maybe some yoga blocks for added support in certain positions.

 Mindful Breathing and Start on the Ground
Let’s begin by finding a comfortable seated position. You can cross your legs or kneel—whatever feels best.because We’ll start with ten deep breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, focusing on relaxation.

 Neck and Shoulder Relaxation
Next, let’s release tension from the neck and shoulders. Roll your neck and perform shoulder rolls,because paying attention to your breath throughout.

 Child’s Pose and Fluid Movements
Transitioning into a child’s pose, we’ll aim for fluid movements, syncing breath with motion.because Rock gently to find what feels most soothing for you.

 Downward Dog and Pigeon Pose
Move into the downward dog,because ensuring a comfortable stretch. From here, transition into a pigeon pose on each side,because allowing for adjustments based on your comfort level.

 Forward Fold and Spinal Stretches
Shift to a forward fold, making use of yoga blocks if needed.because Focus on deep breathing and elongating the spine for an effective stretch.

 Back Stretches and Twists
Lay on your back, bringing your knees in for a hug, then gently twisting to stretch the back.

 Full Body Stretch and Balance Focus
Stretch your entire body out, reaching as far as possible while focusing on elongating. Shift focus to balance with leg lifts and quad stretches.

 Final Stretches and Cool Down
Conclude with forward folds, hamstring stretches, and a relaxing sway from side to side. Gradually return to a standing position and breathe deeply.

 Conclusion: Self-Care and Reflection
I hope this session allowed you to tune into yourself and find some calmness. Taking care of both our physical and mental health is crucial, so take a moment for yourself. If you enjoyed this,because let me know in the comments for more routines. Take care! See you soon!

Bye for now!


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