20 Min Morning Yoga Flow | Every Day Full Body Yoga For All Levels

20 Min Morning Yoga Flow | Every Day Full Body Yoga For All Levels
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 Introduction to Morning Yoga Flow
Welcome to this invigorating 20-minute yoga session suitable for all levels. This sequence aims to provide a holistic experience, preparing your body for a fulfilling day ahead.

 Setting the Foundation in Child’s Pose
Beginning at the back of the mat, ease into Child’s Pose, adjusting the knee position as per your comfort. Gradually extend your arms forward, fostering a moment of tranquillity as your forehead rests on the mat. Focus on deepening your breath and releasing tension from your body.

 Transitioning and Gentle Movements in Tabletop
Transitioning into Tabletop, engage in a gentle figure-of-eight movement to warm up the spine. With each inhale, arch your back, and with each exhale, round it. Transition through various movements to invigorate your body and ease any stored tension.

 Exploring Asymmetrical Movements
Move into asymmetrical movements by extending one arm at a time, opening the chest and threading arms under to stretch and release. Gentle circular leg movements follow, encouraging flexibility and balance.

 Flowing Through Warrior and Extended Side Angle
Transitioning through Warrior poses, focus on breath and alignment. These poses allow for a deep stretch and the option to deepen into extended side angles or lizard poses, expanding flexibility and grounding the body.

 Balancing and Strengthening
Balancing postures engage the core and help develop stability. Hugging knees into the chest and holding balancing poses build strength and focus.

 Final Relaxation and Rejuvenation
Transitioning to a wide-legged forward fold, allow your body to surrender, finding stillness in a yogi squat. The practice culminates with a moment of deep relaxation in Child’s Pose, allowing you to absorb the benefits of the session.

 Conclusion and Gratitude
Thank you for joining this practice. I hope this session energizes and uplifts you for the day Levels. Take care, and until next time, namaste.


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