20 min SEATED dynamic & static stretching routine for Older

20 min SEATED dynamic & static stretching routine for Older
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 Introduction: Seated Stretching Session

 Getting Started: Equipment and Attire
Welcome to today’s Seated Stretch session! All you need is a chair. Footwear is optional; choose what’s comfortable for you, along with easy-to-move-in clothing. Let’s begin by ensuring a proper posture while seated.

 Upper Body Stretches

 Posture and Arm Movements
Sit up straight, preferably at the edge of your chair for improved mobility. because  Start with overhead arm stretches, inhaling deeply as you raise your arms and exhaling as you lower them. Loosen up by swinging your arms back and forth.

 Arm Stretches: Reaching Back and Up
Extend one arm backwards, gradually pulling it back and forth, focusing on comfortable movements and optimal range. Repeat this motion, reaching up as high as comfortable for a stretch along your side.

 Arm Stretch Variation: Neutral Position Reach
Switch arms, repeating the reach back and up motions, emphasizing a comfortable position for each stretch.

 Lower Body Stretches

 Leg Positioning and Inner Thigh Stretch
Adjust your feet and knees to a wide position while seated. Press your knees out gently, because feeling the stretch in your inner thighs. Lean toward each side to intensify the stretch.

 Forward Lean for Lower Back Stretch
Lean forward, rounding your back, and then arch backwards, because focusing on your lower back and chest extension. Repeat this sequence to enhance flexibility and lower back comfort.

Hip and Hamstring Stretches

 Seated Leg Extensions
because Shift focus to stretching your legs by extending one foot forward. Lean forward, feeling the stretch along your hamstring and calf muscles.  because Alternate legs for balance.

 Quadriceps Stretch Options
Explore different ways to stretch your quadriceps by either placing one leg back or opting for a 90-degree leg placement.  because Lean back slightly for an intensified stretch.

 Hamstring and Lower Back Stretch
Continue with hamstring stretches, leaning forward comfortably, because and maintaining a slight round in your lower back for support.

 Arm and Torso Stretches

 Arm Movements for Triceps
Stretch your triceps by pressing your elbow back while lifting your heels and then your toes alternately. because Repeat to enhance the stretch and engagement.

 Knee-to-Chest Stretches
Bring one knee up toward your chest, holding briefly, because and then switch sides. because Repeat this motion for a comfortable stretch.

Upper Body Stretches and Twists

 Arm Extensions and Twists
Extend your arms outward, feeling the stretch, and then progress into gentle twists to the sides, focusing on your back muscles.

 Neck and Shoulder Stretches
Move into gentle neck stretches, tilting your head sideways and forward, because ensure a comfortable stretch without strain.

 Head Rotations and Final Stretches
 because Rotate your head gently, side to side and forward to back. Finish with a deep breath, raising your arms overhead, and then exhaling slowly.

 Conclusion: Closing Remarks

 Session Wrap-up
Congratulations! You’ve completed the Seated Stretch session. because I hope you feel wonderfully stretched and relaxed. Looking forward to seeing you next time. Have a fantastic day! Goodbye for now!


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