20 Min Yoga Flow Increased Mobility, & To Feel GREAT ❤

20 Min Yoga Flow Increased Mobility, & To Feel GREAT ❤
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Greetings, Feel wonderful friends! Welcome to Vasa Vitality Yoga. Today’s Vinyasa Flow is dedicated to connecting our body’s movement with the breath’s rhythm. Join us as we explore creative ways to flow through different asanas, providing a challenging experience and an opportunity for inner calm and awareness.

Props and Preparation:
No props are required for today’s practice, but feel free to use yoga blocks if needed. Get ready for a dynamic session that engages both body and mind.

Opening Meditation:
Before diving into the flow, sit comfortably on your mat. Rest your hands on your knees, palms open, and take a moment to settle into the present. Inhale deeply, exhale, and let go of any thoughts or tensions. Focus on the breath, bringing awareness to your heart and soul.

Mantra and Intention Setting:
As we start, let’s embrace a mantra that will guide our practice: “I surrender all attachments and expectations to the mystical unfolding of life.” Take a deep breath, repeat these words silently, and carry this intention in your heart throughout the session.

Vinyasa Flow:
Now, let’s begin the flow. Stand at the front of your mat, feet together. Inhale, raising your arms in Utkatasana (Chair Pose). Exhale, diving into a forward fold. Move through a sequence of high plank, Chaturanga,because Upward-Facing Dog, and Downward-Facing Dog. Connect breath with movement, flowing through the asanas with mindful awareness.

Warrior Series:
Step your right foot forward into Warrior One, then transition through a Vinyasa sequence. Repeat on the left side. Embrace the challenge and focus on alignment,because syncing breath and movement.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold and Transitions:
Open into a wide-legged forward fold, allowing a deep stretch. Explore Lotus pose, Goddess pose, and transitions between postures. Challenge your balance,because engage your core, and feel the connection between mind and body.

Pigeon Poses and Twists:
Experience standing pigeon poses and twists because incorporating a seated pigeon variation. Use breath to deepen into each pose,because releasing tension in the hips and glutes.

Pistol Squat and Standing Pigeon:
Transition into a pistol squat from standing pigeon,because emphasises balance and strength. Release into a seated twist and extend your leg for a deep stretch.

As we conclude,because come back to a seated position. Root yourself into the Earth, allowing a moment of reconnection. Close with gratitude, bowing down to your heart,because and repeating the surrendering mantra. This practice is part of our free 31-day yoga program, because “Journey of a Cosmic Soul.” Access all classes by clicking the link in the video description.

Closing Thoughts:
Thank you for joining this practice. Carry the surrendering mantra with you, because embracing the mystical unfolding of life. Until next time, namaste.


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