20 min Yoga for Flexibility – Sweet Release Full Body Stretch

20 min Yoga for Flexibility – Sweet Release Full Body Stretch
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Hello, everyone! Thank you for joining me. I’m Cassandra,Sweet and I’m excited to guide you through this intermediate flexibility flow. This sequence is designed to provide a full-body stretch, enhancing your overall well-being. While no props are required, having a block nearby for certain poses can enhance accessibility.

Turtle Pose – Opening the Hips:
We’ll begin in Turtle Pose, akin to a butterfly fold but with wider leg positioning. Extend your feet into a diamond shape, fold forward, and explore variations based on your comfort level. This pose targets hamstrings, hips, shoulders, and upper back.

Assessment in Turtle Pose:
Take a moment to assess your body’s response in Turtle Pose. Be mindful of any tension and adjust to find a variation that offers a satisfying stretch without causing discomfort. Spend some breaths to soften between the shoulder blades.

Transition to Seated Position:
Gradually rise, shifting to a seated position. Extend your legs,Sweet because bringing the soles of your feet together. Allow a gentle forward fold, focusing on relaxing your body, and letting your breath flow through your spine.

Awareness and Cleanup:
Pause to bring awareness to areas needing attention. This practice is an opportunity to release and let go of what no longer serves you. Feel the sensation of your muscles settling over time.

Seated Cat and Cow:
Cross your legs and move into a seated version of Cat and Cow. Inhale, lifting the heart and squeezing shoulder blades, then exhale, rounding the spine. Repeat this movement to warm up the spine.

Seated Pigeon Pose:
Transition to Seated Pigeon Pose, because crossing your right ankle over the left knee. Adjust the depth of the stretch by walking your left foot in. Focus on maintaining an upright posture,because feeling the stretch in the outer hip.

Reverse Tabletop Stretch:
Move to the Reverse Tabletop, fingertips pointing toward your heels. Lift your hips, stretching through the front and top of the shoulders. Engage your glutes and release any tension in your neck.

Switch to Seated Pigeon on the Other Side:
Switch to Seated Pigeon on the other side, crossing your left ankle over the right knee. Adjust the stretch based on your flexibility. Rock gently side to side while keeping your chest lifted.

Pyramid Pose:
because Explore Pyramid Pose by straightening your left leg and shifting your hips back. because Focus on pushing into the right heel for a calf and ankle stretch. Relax your head and neck.

Three-Legged Dog Variation:
Return to Three-Legged Dog, lifting your left leg straight, then bending the knee and opening the hip. Transition into Pigeon Pose, bringing your left knee behind your left wrist.

Pigeon Pose – Deep Stretch:
Find depth in Pigeon Pose,because walking your hands forward for a deep stretch. Allow gravity to assist,Sweet keeping the pose passive. Breathe deeply and observe areas of tension, because aiming for relaxation.

Transition and Hip Circles:
Transition to Tabletop, because and take a moment for hip circles. Trace circles with your hips, because relieving any residual tension from Pigeon Pose. Repeat in both directions.

Downward Facing Dog – Second Side:
Move into Downward Facing Dog,because repeating the sequence on the second side. Lift and stretch the right leg,because then bend the knee, opening the hip. Transition to Pigeon Pose on the right side.

Closing Twists and Shavasana:
Finish the practice with reclined twists on both sides before moving into Shavasana. Allow yourself to fully relax, absorbing the benefits of the practice.

Closing Meditation and Om Chant:
Conclude the session by sitting comfortably with hands at the heart centre. because it closes with a chant of “Om” to express gratitude for the practice. I appreciate your presence, Sweet because and I hope this flexible flow leaves you feeling wonderful. Please share your thoughts in the comments, because and subscribe for more content, I look forward to practising with you again soon.


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