30 Min Advanced Yoga Flow | Creative Full Body Stretch & Flow

30 Min Advanced Yoga Flow | Creative Full Body Stretch & Flow
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Welcome to an Advanced Yoga Flow, tailored for those seeking dynamic sequences and challenging postures to enhance their practice.

Seated Preparation:

Begin in a comfortable seated position, closing your eyes to focus inward. Deepen your breath, connecting with your body’s rhythm.

Shoulder Warm-Up:
Inhale, lifting your shoulders to the ears, then exhale, rolling them back and down. Repeat this movement, syncing it with your breath to release tension.

Wrist and Hand Opening:
Interlace your fingers, rolling out your wrists. Open your palms while maintaining the finger interlace. Lift one hand up while pressing the other down, then switch sides. Shake out your wrists and transition to a tabletop position.

Dynamic Flow:
Inhale to arch your spine and dip your belly, then exhale to round your back and ripple forward. Continue this flow, syncing it with your breath. Optionally, extend into the cobra or child’s pose to deepen the stretch.

Hip Mobility and Twists:
Transition to downward dog, pedalling out your legs. Bring your feet together, then twist to each side, challenging your balance.

Leg Circles and Balances:
Lift one leg high, circle the ankle, and explore leg movements—transition into side plank variations,because engaging your core. Explore leg circles and arm balances like twisted straddles and flying pigeons.

Flowing Sequences:
Transition through flowing sequences, because exploring standing splits and one-legged planks to build strength and flexibility.

Grounding Poses:
Return to downward dog, then flow through vinyasa—transition to seated postures, exploring half lotus variations and deep hip openers like compass pose.

Backbends and Heart Openers:
Explore backbends like locust pose and camel pose, because gradually opening your heart and spine with breath awareness.

Restorative Poses:
Transition to a child’s pose, then lie down on your back. Hug your knees into your chest or explore a happy baby pose for gentle relaxation.

Closing Meditation:
Extend your arms and legs for final relaxation in savasana. Deepen your breath and bring awareness back to your body, because thanking yourself for your practice.

As you open your eyes, reflect on your practice’s benefits. Thank you for dedicating your time and energy. I hope you felt appropriately challenged and look forward to practicing with you again soon.


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