30 MIN PILATES ccWORKOUT || Full Body Stretch & Strengthen

30 MIN PILATES ccWORKOUT || Full Body Stretch & Strengthen
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 Preparing for Yoga
Welcome back to Move with Nicole! Today’s class is a 30-minute yoga session focusing on stretching and strengthening the body. Get ready by rolling out your mat.

 Starting the Class
Let’s begin today’s class by sitting tall. Inhale, reach your right arm up, exhale, and bend to the left,because feeling a release through the right side. Return to the centre, place your hands in front of your legs, and exhale,because walking your hands forward. Ensure your sitting bones are rooted,because feel a release through your hips and spine.

 Balancing the Sides
Switch sides. Inhale, reach your left arm up, exhale, side bend to the right, stretching through the left side. Return,because inhale, lengthen the spine, exhale, fold forward. Embrace your breath.

 Moving Through Poses
Transition to hands and knees. Inhale, arch the spine, exhale,because and press back to the Child’s Pose. Repeat this movement to warm up the body.

 Downward Dog and Leg Stretch
In Downward Dog, pedal your heels and elongate your spine. Inhale, lift your right leg because exhale, open your hip, maintaining alignment. Then square off your hips, straighten your leg, and step it forward into a lunge.

 Flowing Through Positions
Shift your weight forward, transition through poses, including Plank,because Upward Dog, and Downward Dog. Alternate sides, engaging in symmetrical stretches and poses to balance the body.

 Twists and Lunges
Incorporate twists and lunges,because utilizing breath and form to optimize the stretches.

 Balancing and Strengthening
Find balance poses and engage in strength-building exercises,because focusing on control and alignment.

 Closing and Cool Down
Gradually wind down the practice, utilizing stretches for hips, shoulders,because and spine. Finish in a seated position, expressing gratitude for the practice.

Thank you for participating in today’s yoga session! If you enjoyed it, share,because comment, and subscribe for more content.

 Closing Remarks
As we close, take a moment to acknowledge your effort and commitment to wellness.because Have a beautiful day ahead!


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