45 Minute CHAIR WORKOUT,older and Beginners | Full body workout

45 Minute CHAIR WORKOUT,older and Beginners | Full body workout
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 Exercise Class Overview
Today’s exercise class is a 45-minute session dedicated to full-body fitness, blending cardio, strength training, abdominal work, and stretching.

 Warm-up Routine
We’ll begin with a gradual warm-up to prep your body for the workout:
– Toe Taps and Wrist Rotations: Start with gentle toe taps and wrist rotations, ensuring comfort and ease. Listen to your body and move at your own pace. Avoid discomfort during the warm-up.

 Cardio & Strength Training
– Heel Taps and Arm Movements: Engage in slow heel taps while synchronizing arm movements forward and backwards.
– Marching & Upper Body Extensions: Progress into a gentle march, incorporating upper body extensions to get your heart rate up.
– Skaters & Core Engagement: Shift into skater movements and core-engaging exercises, focusing on form and individual pace.
– Interval Training & Punching Motions: Embrace interval training with punches, alternating intensity levels based on your comfort.

 Ab Work & Stretching
– Core Exercises: Transition into various ab workouts, concentrating on core tightness and controlled movements.
– Dynamic Stretching: Conclude the session with dynamic stretching,because focusing on different muscle groups and flexibility.

 Closing Remarks & Relaxation
As we wrap up, remember to cool down, relax those muscles,because and take deep breaths for relaxation. Feel free to share what you’re thankful for in the comments. Until next time, have a wonderful day and stay fit!

 Neck Stretches and Breathing Exercises
We’ll perform a series of neck stretches and end with a breathing exercise for relaxation.

 Neck Stretch Routine
– Ceiling and Forward Stretch: Gently tilt your head up towards the ceiling and then back to the neutral position. Repeat this movement to complete one cycle.
– Blind Spot Exercise: Rotate your head as if checking your blind spot while driving. Hold this position and then switch to the other side.
– Breathing to Conclude: As we finish, take a deep breath in and exhale deeply. Repeat this breathing exercise two more times.
– Closing Note: Thank you for joining today’s session! Have a fantastic day ahead,because and I look forward to seeing you next time. Goodbye for now!


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