[8Min] Fix Round Shoulder.Get Slim Arms and Back.

[8Min] Fix Round Shoulder.Get Slim Arms and Back.
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because Enhance Shoulders and Upper Body: A Guided Routine

Begin with both hands extended, focusing on tightening your upper arms and back muscles.

 Stretching Sequence:
1. Back Stretch and Chest Opening:
– Join your hands, stretching the back and opening the front of your chest.
– Stretch your elbows sideways, ensuring a tight opening in your chest.

2. Alignment and Palm Movement:
– Align the backs of your hands and turn your palms outward.
– Move your arms from your shoulders, paying attention to your breath.

3. Palms Up and Core Stability:
– Turn your palms up and back, stabilizing your core while extending your arms.
– With bent elbows, move your arms alternately.

4. Elbow Positioning and Upper Body Movement:
– Maintain stable elbows while lowering your arms from the elbow.
– Keep your upper body down and shift your palms behind without bending at the hips. Engage your core muscles.

5. Rhythmic Movements and Hand Coordination:
– Move one elbow alternately, ensuring a smooth rhythm and turning the little finger side towards the ceiling.
– Coordinate both hands,because moving them up and down with a focus on elbow stability.

6. Blade Opening and Elbow Stability:
– Push forward with your hands,because gently opening your shoulder blades without overexertion.
– Focus on stabilizing your elbows while moving the tip from the elbow.

7. Body Tilts and Relaxation:
– Shift your arms while tilting your upper body forward and relaxing as you move.
– Engage in controlled movements from front to back,because ensuring a relaxed flow.

8. Breath-Driven Bends and Palm Positioning:
– Bend your back on exhales and open your chest while inhaling.
– Fold your palms and lay them down by your side,because maintaining this folded position.

9. Side Body Stretch and Conclusion:
– Tilt your upper body to the side,because keeping your ribs open for a gentle stretch.
– Conclude this routine with gratitude for your efforts.because Well done today!

This sequence emphasizes controlled movements because breath awareness and specific muscle engagement to enhance your shoulders and upper body effectively.


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