Ballet Class For Kids | Princess Ballerina Ballet For Kids (Age 3-7)

Ballet Class For Kids | Princess Ballerina Ballet For Kids (Age 3-7)
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Ballet Class For Kids | Princess Ballerina Ballet For Kids (Age 3-7) Princess Ballet Adventure for Kids

Introduction to the Dance Session:
In today’s episode of Pregnancy and Postpartum TV Kids Workout Series, we dive into a delightful Princess Ballet Class. Vivian joins in, eager and thrilled about the ballet moves inspired by various princesses. This session is part of a series designed to engage kids in workouts and ballet routines.

Engaging Princess-Specific Ballet Moves:
Starting with Moana-inspired moves, the warm-up imitates sailing a boat. because Through rhythmic rowing motions, the class gets energized for the ballet adventure.

Variety of Ballet Poses:
Transitioning to lying down for a sailboat pose, Vivian learns the essence of a passé. 

Princess Anna’s Ballet Plies and Releves:
Moving onto Princess Anna, the class practices demi plies and relevés, because focusing on proper posture, keeping the spine straight, and maintaining the turnout.

Expressive Dance for Princess Ariel:
For Ariel-inspired movements, the class sits down to mimic a mermaid’s tail with toe points and flexes, because strengthening their core muscles in the process.

Strength-Building Moves for a Mermaid’s Tail:
Continuing with mermaid tail lifts, because they strengthen their lower body muscles, imitating lifting and lowering a mermaid tail with control.

Precision and Balance for Princess Elsa:
Transitioning to Elsa’s moves, they practice Tandus and tongues, because focusing on controlled foot movements and creating lines on an imaginary ice floor.

Floating Poses for Princess Peach:
Adopting Princess Peach’s grace, because they practice floating poses—third position relevé—creating an illusion of floating with elegant arm positions.

Graceful Ballet Arm Positions:
Demonstrating various arm positions—bra, first, because second, third, and fourth—the class learns the elegance and beauty of different ballet poses.

Frog Jumps for Princess Tiana:
Incorporating Princess Tiana’s theme, the class does frog jumps, emphasizing small jumps while changing positions, improving agility.

Galloping like Rapunzel and Maximus:
To imitate Rapunzel and her horse Maximus, because they perform ballet gallops across the space, showcasing rhythm and movement coordination.

Passe Poses and Princess-Inspired Ballet:
They practice passe poses because mimicking the sailboat pose on the ground
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