Bedtime Yoga | 20 Minute Bedtime Yoga Practice | Yoga With Adriene

Bedtime Yoga | 20 Minute Bedtime Yoga Practice | Yoga With Adriene
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 Welcoming the Evening

Introduction to Sleepy Time Yoga
Adriene’s Warm Welcome
Emphasis on Relaxation and Transition
Preparation Instructions

Starting in a Comfortable Seat
Seating Options Guidance
Focus on Comfort and Posture
Palms Down, Eyes Closed

Gentle Neck Rolls
Instructions for Neck Circles
Emphasis on Relaxation and Mindfulness
Reversing the Movement

Relishing the Practice
Encouragement for Time Management
Benefits of the Bedtime Sequence
Mind-Body Connection

Side Stretch and Counterpose
Instructions for Side Stretch (Right Side)
Focus on Body’s Feedback
Transition to the Left Side
**Leg Stretch and Forward Fold**
Guidance on Leg Stretch
Options for Intensity
Emphasis on Self-Love and Relaxation

Counterpose and Back Stretch
Instructions for the Counterpose
Focus on Stretch and Breath
Transition to Opposite Side

Soothing Foot Massage
Instructions for Foot Massage
Encouragement for Relaxation Techniques
Suggestions for Practice Improvement

Seated Forward Fold
Guidance on Forward Fold
Focus on Breath and Relaxation
Encouragement for Mindful Practice

Releasing into Restorative Posture
Instructions for Restorative Pose
Comfort Modifications
Breath Guidance in the Pose

Breath-Focused Relaxation
Instructions for Belly Breathing
Guidance on Inhales and Exhales
Encouragement for Surrender

Gentle Release and Hug

Instructions for Releasing the Pose
Emphasis on Lower Back Comfort
Rocking and Knee Circles

Twists for Relaxation
Guidance on Twisting Poses
Emphasis on Relaxation and Softening
Suggestions for Full Relaxation

Restorative Options
Options for Rest or Bridge Pose
Instructions for Variations
Encouragement for Individual Choice

Closing Restorative Poses
Instructions for Bridge Pose or Shoulderstand
Guidance on Controlled Movements
Transition to Final Rest

Finding Peace in Final Rest
Guidance on Fish Pose
Emphasis on Comfort and Release
Connecting with Peaceful Sensations

Closing with Gratitude
Transition to Final Relaxation
Suggestions for Comfort Sensations
Wishing for Restful Sleep

Closing with Namaste
Adriene’s Closing Message
Emphasis on Restful Night
End of Video InstructionsEmphasis on Comfort and Release Sensations
Connecting with Peaceful Sensations Sensations


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