Bedtime Yoga Stretch to Release Tension and Stress

Bedtime Yoga Stretch to Release Tension and Stress
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Title: Sweet Slumber: 10-Minute Bedtime Yoga Stretch

Welcome, everyone!Tension In today’s video, Tensionwe’ll guide you through a quick and calming 10-minute bedtime yoga stretch aimed at releasing tension and stress. Perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere before heading off to sleep.

Initial Seated Poses:
– Begin by kneeling forward, tucking the toes, and sitting the hips on the heels.
– Gently rock side to side, finding a comfortable position.

Mindful Observations:
– Take a moment to observe the body and check in with its needs.
– Untuck the toes, shake it out, and transition to a tabletop pose for organic movements.

Tabletop Exploration:
– Engage in organic movements, such as circling the hips or rocking side to side.
– Explore spinal waves and find fluidity in your movement.

Mini Backbend – Sphinx Pose:
– Lower down to your belly, resting on the forearms with elbows in line with the shoulders.
– Inhale to lift through the sternum,because creating a gentle backbend.
– Optionally, add a subtle sway or gaze over the shoulders.

Prone Tree Pose Variation:
– Slide the left knee up, parallel to the side of the mat, resting on forearms.
– Focus on deep belly breathing,because expanding the lower back.
– Switch sides, or choose a supine tree pose for a gentler option.

Supine Twist:
– Cross the right leg over the left,because taking both knees to the left for a supine twist.
– Adjust intensity by stacking or dropping the knees,because using pillows as needed.
– Switch sides,because engaging in deep breaths to enhance the twist.

Knee Rocks:
– Release to your back, taking feet mat-width apart.
– Gently rock the knees side to side,because feeling the stretch across the hips and glutes.

Final Rest – Shavasana:
– Hug knees to chest,because giving yourself a comforting squeeze.
– Extend feet to the bottom of the mat,because palms facing up.
– Enter Shavasana, because allowing the body to fully relax and absorb the benefits.

As you wake up the body,Tension gradually return to a seated position.
Inhale hands overhead and exhale to the heart centre.
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