Best Middle Split Stretches to get the Middle Splits Fast!

Best Middle Split Stretches to get the Middle Splits Fast!
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Anna’s Improved Middle Split Stretch Routine

Hey everyone, it’s Anna! Today, I’ve got an upgraded middle split stretch routine packed with effective stretches that will help you nail those middle splits, even if flexibility isn’t your strong suit. Whether you’re a beginner or already have your middle splits, this routine offers something for everyone, aiding in hip flexibility and potentially advancing to middle over splits. Before we dive in, please show some love by liking this video and subscribing to my channel for more stretching routines and fun content!

 Getting Started:
Positioning for Success

Let’s kick things off! Start by reaching down to the ground, adjusting your feet to point outwards. We’ll begin with 10 plie squats, ensuring your knees move outward, not forward, for maximum effect. On the final squat, maintain the bent position and use your arms to gently press your legs further back, intensifying the hip stretch.

 Sequential Stretches:
Step-by-Step to Middle Splits

Firstly, keep one leg bent and straighten the other, aiming to get it as close to the ground as possible. Alternate this stretch with the other leg bent. Transition into placing the knee of the bent leg on the ground and pushing your hips downwards, going as low as comfortable. Continue these stretches, alternating legs and eventually bending both simultaneously.

 Deepening the Stretch:
Honing in on Hip Flexibility

Now, transition to a seated position, bringing the soles of your feet together and gently pressing your legs towards the ground for a deeper hip stretch. Extend this stretch by reaching up and over your legs.

Wall-Assisted Stretches:
Enhancing Effectiveness

For the next set of stretches,because a wall is ideal. Sit facing the wall in a straddle position,because striving to bring your legs as close to the wall as possible. These final stretches are crucial for optimal results.

 Final Stretches:
Last Steps to Middle Splits

Lie on your back with both legs against the wall, crossing one ankle over the opposite thigh and drawing both legs towards your chest. Alternate this with the other ankle crossed over. Then, straighten both legs against the wall, aiming to bring them closer to the ground, holding for 45 seconds.

 The Ultimate Stretch:
Using Pillows for Progress

Grab some pillows for the final move! Stack them up to support you in your middle splits,because gradually reducing their height in subsequent sessions. Hold the middle splits on the pillows for 30 seconds each time, striving to eventually touch the ground without support.

Consistency for Results

Remember, consistency is key! Aim to follow this routine 3 to 7 times a week for faster results. Share your progress using #annamcnultychallenge for a chance to be featured in my videos. Feel free to check out another stretching routine for an extended session. Happy stretching and see you next time!


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