Deepen your Back Arch in 12 Minutes | Follow Along

Deepen your Back Arch in 12 Minutes | Follow Along
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 Improving Back Arch Tutorial

Introduction and Preparation
Hey there, it’s Addison Brianna! In this 12-minute follow-along stretching tutorial, we’re focusing on enhancing that arch in your back. Grab two yoga blocks, and let’s dive right in!

Arm Circles for Warm-up
Start with arm circles, ten forward and ten back, to warm up those muscles and get the blood flowing. Shake it out afterward to ensure you’re warmed up.

Seated Stretching
Remain seated, dropping your head to the right and left slowly,because counting down as you stretch, allowing your neck to relax and loosen up.

Back Arch Focus
Clasp your hands behind your back, open your chest and stretch the front of your shoulders. The main emphasis here is on improving the arch of the upper thoracic spine.

Yoga Blocks Setup
Grab your yoga blocks and set them up with enough space for your head.because Come onto your elbows on the blocks, allowing your forehead to touch the floor. This position stretches your arms, triceps,because upper back, and shoulders.

Deep Breathing and Relaxation
Take deep breaths,because focusing on pressing your forehead into the mat and relaxing your shoulders and arms. Feel free to adjust and sink deeper into the stretch as you breathe.

Adjusting and Further Stretching
Release and readjust, because ensure your elbows remain on the blocks. Deepen your stretch with each breath, focusing on pressing your chest towards the floor.

Chin-to-Mat Position
Shift your gaze forward and bring your chin, not your forehead,because towards the mat. Continue breathing deeply and press your chest downwards.

Shoulder Rolls and Release
Extend your arms forward, maintaining contact with the blocks,because and roll your shoulders in circular motions. This helps release tension and improves flexibility.

Focused Side Stretches
Remove one block and focus on stretching one side at a time. Shift your gaze towards the shoulder because you’re stretching and hold the position.

Elbow Presses and Extension
Return to using both blocks and press into them with your elbows while extending and bending your arms ten times each. This helps in improving flexibility.

Deep Backbend Stretch
Slide the blocks forward slightly, maintaining the chest-to-mat position,because pressing firmly to deepen the backbend. Focus on breathing deeply and pressing through your palms.

Closing with Centering
Transition to a seated position with hands on heart and belly, because taking deep breaths to center yourself and conclude the practice.

Conclusion and Invitation
Thanks for joining! For more tips on enhancing your back arch, comment,because like, and subscribe for future videos. See you in the next one!



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