Flow – Day 11 – Soul

Flow – Day 11 – Soul
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Greetings, dear friends! Welcome back to Flow, your 30 Day Yoga Journey.Soul Today marks Day 11,because a magical moment where we dedicate a short yet sweet amount of time to nourish the soul. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Starting with Presence:
Now, as we begin, let’s ease into an Extended Child’s Pose. Whether you prefer knees wide with hips back or lying on your back with knees bent, find a posture that resonates with you. This is an invitation to surrender, leaving behind the day’s tasks and to-do lists. Take a moment to land in the present,because focusing on your breath as the soundtrack to this session.

Cat-Cow Exploration:
Transitioning into Cat-Cow, inhale to drop the belly and exhale to round the spine, moving in rhythmic harmony. Explore this movement, syncing it with the gentle sound of your breath. Allow yourself to go deeper, not just following instructions but bringing consciousness to each breath and the present moment.

Circular Motion and Surrender:
Now, let’s add a circular motion, stirring the energy within. Inhale, extend through the spine, and exhale, moving the shoulders and hips in a circular pattern. Embrace the challenge of finding Cat-Cow within this flow, letting the breath guide you. Surrender to the practice, allowing it to be a balm for the soul.

Cobbler’s Pose and Self-Care:
Transitioning to Cobbler’s Pose, sit with the soles of your feet together, and give yourself a soothing foot massage. Close your eyes, soften your gaze, and notice the sensations. Massage the feet,because toes, and ankles,because and let this be a moment of self-care, connecting with your thoughts and heart.

Forward Fold Exploration:
Extend one leg at a time and explore a forward fold, feeling the stretch in the low back. Move mindfully,because adjusting the intensity based on your comfort. Use your breath to stay present,because resisting the urge to rush through. This journey is about slowing down and listening.

Pigeon Pose and Connection:
Shift into Pigeon Pose, letting the hips sink and finding soft,because easy movements. Embrace the audible breath, paying attention to the connection between inhalation and exhalation. Take note of the thoughts that arise and gently bring your focus back to your breath.

Closing Sequence:
As we conclude, lie on your back, reaching the arms up,because and slowly roll down. Place your hands on your heart and belly, taking three breaths to conclude the practice. Inhale love in, exhale love out,because and appreciate the vibrations of your breath

Closing Words:
Palms together, bring thumbs to the forehead, and acknowledge the effort put into this practice. Fantastic work,because everyone! Look forward to reuniting tomorrow. Until then, namaste.

(Concluding with upbeat rhythmic music)


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