Flow – Day 9 – Release

Flow – Day 9 – Release
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 Day 9: Release in Flow Yoga Journey

 Greeting & Setting the Tone
Hello, dear friends, and welcome back to Flow, your 30 Day Yoga Journey. Today marks Day 9, themed around “Release.” Let’s dive into our practice with gentle rhythmic music guiding us.

 Grounding and Preparation
Come down to the ground, finding a comfortable seat. Join your palms together, gently rubbing them to initiate our session. Thank you for joining us as we begin to ease into the present moment.

 Embracing Release
Today’s focus is on releasing any expectations about the journey ahead. We aim to release stress and any unnoticed tension in the body, fostering a deeper connection with our breath and an intimate dialogue between the mind and body.

 Breath and Movement Alignment
Deepening our connection with the breath, we explore a fluid conversation between breath, movement, and mindfulness. Engaging in gentle movements, we create friction and heat, fostering a mindful exploration of each pose’s sensations.

 Affirmation and Mindful Movement
Bringing our hands to the heart centre, eyes closed,because we affirm, “I release that which no longer serves.” Embracing this affirmation,because we move through tabletop, cow-cat movements, and a modified Sphinx pose, maintaining a connection between breath and movement.

 Full Body Engagement and Release
Transitioning into plank, downward-facing dog, and dynamic frog-like movements, we explore our inner conversations within each pose, because embracing the sensations, thoughts, and feelings they evoke.

 Mindful Flow & Warrior Sequences
Guided by breath, we flow through warrior sequences,because embracing the alignment of the body as one moving entity. Transitioning from high to low lunges, we find strength and stability while maintaining a focus on the breath.

 Balancing & Mindful Presence
Exploring one-legged tadasana, we navigate the balance between centring and releasing,because acknowledge the experience without judgment. The release and acceptance of the present moment become integral.

 Movement Exploration & Letting Go
Standing at the center of the mat, we widen our stance and indulge in the “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” movement—a vibrant, because liberating experience aimed at releasing stagnant energy.

 Closing & Integration
As we wind down, returning to Tadasana, we acknowledge the release experienced during this practice. Placing hands on the heart, because we offer gratitude for the journey and the release it brought forth.

 Final Reflection
Take a moment to appreciate the sensations, thoughts, and shifts experienced. Conclude this session with a final breath,because from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head, and a collective exhale, bowing to seal the practice.

 Conclusion & Gratitude
Thank you for joining us today. Embrace this newfound release and anticipation for what lies ahead. because We look forward to welcoming you again tomorrow. Until then, namaste.


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