Gentle Chair Yoga Routine to 25 minutes

Gentle Chair Yoga Routine to 25 minutes
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 Introduction to Chair Yoga Routine
Welcome to the 25-minute chair yoga routine developed by therapists from the Chronic Pain Service at Toronto Rehab Rumsey Center. In this session, we aim to demonstrate the effectiveness of gentle yoga postures for enhancing various aspects of your well-being.

 Setting Up and Guidelines
Before we start, ensure you have a firm chair without wheels, and consider having a towel or strap nearby for added support. Stay hydrated throughout the session and listen to your body for any signs of discomfort.

 Mindful Breathing and Posture
Begin with mindful deep breathing, focusing on grounding your feet and elongating the spine towards the sky. because Sit in a dignified position, engaging the core muscles and releasing tension throughout the body, labelling this position as “Tall Mountain Pose.”

 Flexibility Exercises
Start with gentle arching and rounding movements of the spine, because synchronizing breath with movement. Transition into seated or standing Sun Salutations, focusing on arm movements and breathing patterns.

Seated Spinal Twists
Practice seated spinal twists, gradually turning to each side while maintaining comfort and ease in the movement.

 Seated Half-Moon Pose
Engage in the seated half-moon pose, stretching from side to side while maintaining a relaxed upper body and synced breathing.

 Seated Child’s Pose
Transition into the seated child’s pose, allowing your torso to drop over your knees while relaxing the arms and shoulders.

 Seated Torso Twists
Perform seated torso twists by reaching across thighs or using a towel for support, because alternating sides for a comprehensive stretch.

 Shoulder Stretch
Experiment with different arm positions, focusing on shoulder stretches and engaging the shoulder blades.

 Lower Body Stretches
Utilize a towel for single knee circles, followed by stretches targeting the ankles,because thighs, and hamstrings.

 Standing Poses for Strength and Balance
Transition into standing poses, using the chair for support. Explore tree poses, because balancing exercises, and chair-assisted downward dog poses.

 Chair-Assisted Warrior Poses
Practice chair-assisted warrior poses to stretch and strengthen leg muscles while focusing on breathing and stability.

 Neck Stretches
Finish the active exercises with gentle neck stretches in various directions, focusing on the sides and back of the neck.

 Relaxation and Breathing Closure
Conclude the session with a brief relaxation period, because settling comfortably into the chair and focusing on deep breathing to release tension.

Congratulations on completing the routine! Thank you for joining us in this session of chair yoga.


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