Gentle Tai Chi and Qi Gong and 25 minutes

Gentle Tai Chi and Qi Gong and 25 minutes
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Welcome to the 22-minute Tai Chi and Qi Gong routine developed by the therapists at the LEAP Pain Service in Toronto Rehab Rumsey Centre. This routine aims to enhance your breathing, range of motion, strength,Gentle and flexibility.

Before starting, find a firm chair without wheels, put on loose-fitting clothes, and keep water nearby. Ensure comfort and safety.

 Breathing Space
Sit or stand tall, feeling grounded like a tree with roots deep in the ground. Breathe deeply, allowing your body to relax and release tension. Use this as a resting posture throughout the routine if needed.

 Rolling the Ball
Imagining a small ball, roll it between your hands, syncing with your breath. Adapt the size and motion according to your comfort level and follow variations shown by Bonnie (purple), Sarah (green), and Bronwen (red).

 Rhino Looks to the Moon
Rotate your head gently while breathing, mimicking a rhino’s horn movement. Explore the neck’s range of motion while being mindful of comfort and ease.

 Raise Arms to Pluck Fruit
Engage in a motion similar to picking fruits off a tree, adjusting the height and side based on what feels good for you. Sync the movement with your breath and embrace the freedom to choose your level of engagement.

### Lotus Sways in the Wind
Rotate your hips in a circular motion, either sitting or standing. Modify the circle’s size as per your preference while keeping pace with your breath.

 Pushing the Stone Tablet
Push an imaginary heavy stone tablet forward, adjusting the distance according to your balance and comfort. Sync your movement with your breath for a smooth sequence.

 Taking a Step
Take steps or lift legs according to your ability, following the pace demonstrated by Sarah, and Bronwen, or adapting with the use of hands as shown.

Form a triangle with your hands and breathe in sync with pulling the bow back and forth.because Feel the stretch in the front and back of your body with each movement.

Lift a virtual bar or stick above your head while synchronizing with your breath. Follow variations presented by Sarah or Bronwen.

Inserting the Palm into the Hua Shan
Engage in a chopping motion, alternating sides while maintaining gentle synchronization with your breath.

 Ankle Rotations
Circle your ankles gently, visualizing the movement if needed, allowing the brain to recognize the action.because Switch sides for balanced practice.

 Nestlings Receive Food
Move your hands in a bird-like motion, alternating between upward and downward movements while breathing.

 Friar Squats on his Haunches
Bend your knees and raise your arms, following your breath in a gentle squatting motion. because Adapt the movement to your comfort level.

 Our Hat Subdues the Tiger
Shift weight or lift legs as per your comfort level while maintaining stability and safety.gentle Follow the pace demonstrated by Sarah or Bronwen.

Finish with a Breathing Space to relax and settle your body. Embrace stillness, because acknowledge your efforts, and close with a gesture of strength and respect.

Congratulations on completing the routine, and thank you for participating!


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