How to Akarna Dhanurasana so The Shooting Bow Pose

How to Akarna Dhanurasana so The Shooting Bow Pose
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Namaste welcome to yoga,And you this isthe via a freelance yoga instructorbased in Chennai. We are here at thebeautiful red planet yoga. Htudio so inthis . I’m going to be demonstratingour garden or asana. Which is a shootingfoul posture so it is a seated postureand. This posture is great to open yourleg muscles basically your glute musclesso let’s see how to do itso to begin the posture . stretchour legs forward just like this in staffpose. And just adjust your seat bones inorder to stretch. your legs first and toprepar. The posture you’re going totake your left arm and hold you toe and stretch the left side ofyour leg as if you can.your rightknee. As well here slightly and if youwant you can hold your .Right big toe ifnot to give even more uplift you canhold your legs like thisso from here inhale and lift so look Theposition of my elbows my elbows is notlike this it’s all the way outside .I’m going to be pulling.


my legs out myelbows are going to be pointing uptowards the skyso from here take a deep in breathinhale as you exhale lifting your rightleg all the way up look at the positionof my elbow and create some length inyour spine we’re just going to give theuplift here and as you keep lifting upyour arm you’re going to create a lot ofstretch in your glute muscles.if youfeel uncomfortable like holding.Iit hereand here you can always leave that legbut make sure you don’t do this alwaysstay connected to your body and keep thelength going on to the other leg as welland .If you want to reach up tall andnice even more just hold it even morehigher see look my leg is closer to myears which is going to create a lot ofstretch you’re just good for your glutesand hold it here for five two one and slowly . It downand last so make sure you practice itfor this side and get the benefits andthis episode was all about . Russian so thank you so much forjoining


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