Kids Bedtime Yoga With so Animal Yoga Poses (Get sleepy for bedtime!)

Kids Bedtime Yoga With so Animal Yoga Poses (Get sleepy for bedtime!)
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because  Bedtime Yoga Adventure for Kids

Introduction to Bedtime Yoga:
Welcome to the Pregnancy and Postpartum TV Kids Workout Series! Today, it’s all about bedtime yoga. Vivian and I are geared up in our cozy pajamas, all set for a relaxing yoga session before bedtime.

Getting into Pajamas and Setting the Mood:
After a bit of pyjama confusion, we’re finally all set in our comfy sleepwear, along with our favorite stuffed toys, ready to dive into our bedtime yoga adventure.

The Llamacorn Warrior:
We kick off with the Llamacorn pose—Warrior One! Feet positioned wide apart, bending the front leg, and creating a unicorn horn with our hands while taking calm breaths.

The Giraffe’s Triangular Stance:
Transitioning to the Giraffe pose—Triangle or Trikonasana. Maintaining a wide stance, arms extended, reaching out to the side, and mimicking a giraffe’s head and tongue.

Roaring T-Rex Fun:
Let’s go into the T-Rex pose, sitting back like a T-Rex with tiny arms and big legs. Stepping around with bent knees, giving a loud roar—a fun dinosaur-inspired activity.

Freezing Elsa’s Warrior Two:
Imitating Elsa’s freezing power, we move into Warrior Two, imagining we’ve frozen everything around us, holding the pose while taking calming breaths.

Dog and Otter Play:
Downward Dog and Upward Dog pose like playful puppies! because From hands and knees to lifting our tails and stretching—wagging our imaginary tails for added fun.

Turtle’s Relaxing Shell:
Transitioning into the Turtle pose, creating a diamond shape with our legs, because attempting to place hands under the legs to form a turtle shell and relaxing in the pose.

Cloud Animals and Sky Gazing:
Lying down, eyes shut, imagining shapes in the sky—a puppy, giraffe, and even an alligator formed by the clouds, because a creative moment to relax.

Morning Wake-Up Stretch:
Waking up with a big stretch, reaching fingers and toes in opposite directions,because preparing to roll over and give ourselves a gentle hug.

Closing with Gratitude:
Seated, legs crossed, palms together because expressing gratitude with a “Namaste” and thanking everyone for joining us in this relaxing bedtime yoga session.

Final Notes and Encouragement:
As we conclude, we express our joy in sharing these activities. If you enjoyed this session because remember to subscribe and check out more content on our channel. We also provide kids yoga activity sheets in the description below.

This bedtime yoga journey is a playful, relaxing way to end the day, encouraging mindfulness, imagination, and a peaceful night’s sleep. Thank you for joining us, and until next time, sleep tight and sweet dreams!


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