Love Handle Workout | 8 min Abs at Obliques Burn Home Workout

Love Handle Workout | 8 min Abs at Obliques Burn Home Workout
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 Slimming Waist and Core: Exercises Sequence

 Preparing for Movement:
1. Kneeling Preparation:
– Start by preparing in a kneeling position to begin the routine.

 Sequential Exercises for Waist Fat Reduction:
2. Back Stretch and Side Positioning:
– Extend your back and lay your upper body to the side while stretching.

3. Hand Movements for Core Engagement:
– Bring your hands together and move them left and right,because focusing on engaging your core.

4. Maintaining Hip Alignment:
– Be mindful not to bend your hips; because engage your stomach muscles throughout the movements.

5. Extension and Reach:
– Extend downwards and reach far away, Obliques emphasizing lengthening while maintaining stability.

6. Fingertip Extension and Head Rotation:
– If possible, extend fingertips further, place hands behind your head, and rotate your chest.

7. Stability and Pelvic Awareness:
– Keep your pelvis stable and avoid twisting your hips during movements.

8. Diagonal Hand Movements:

– Move your hands diagonally from top to back,because ensure a stable hip position.

9. Leg and Upper Body Stretch:
– Obliques Stretch one leg while gently lowering your upper body to elongate the spine.

10. Floor Support and Arm Movement:
– Place one hand on the floor and move your arm,because focusing on stretching your spine.

11. Breath-Coordinated Arm Stretch:
– Inhale to stretch your arms and exhale to retract them because coordinate with your breath.

12. Repeat the Sequence on the Other Side:
-Repeat the previous sequence on the other side to because ensure balanced movement.

13. Leg Stretching Emphasis:
– Keep the primary focus on stretching your legs during the routine.

14. Floor Support and Stability:
– Prepare one hand on the floor,because maintain a firm grip and stability.

15. Hip Alignment and Foot Touch:
– Even small movements are effective if hips tend to warp; because touch your feet alternately.

16. Increase Movement Pace (If Possible):
– If comfortable,because increase the speed of your movements gradually.

17. Light Stretch Conclusion:
– Conclude the routine with a gentle stretch,because ensuring ease and comfort at the end.

18. Pelvic and Back Movements:
– because Push the floor with your palm to facilitate pelvic and back movement.

Conclusion and Acknowledgment:
Thank you for your dedication and effort during today’s workout!


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