Restorative Yoga Meditation No Props Relaxing Practice

Restorative Yoga Meditation No Props  Relaxing Practice
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Welcome, everyone, to your 35-minute Restorative Yoga Class. In this session, we’ll guide you through gentle poses and sequences designed to promote relaxation and ease stress. No props are needed, but feel free to use a blanket or pillow for added comfort.

 Child’s Pose:
Let’s begin with the Child’s Pose. Bring your big toes together and spread your knees or adjust for comfort. Extend your arms in front,because resting your forehead on the mat. Take a moment to breathe deeply,because focusing on expanding your chest and ribs.

Mindful Movement:
Transitioning to all fours, shift your hips from side to side to release tension. Move through slow Cat-Cow stretches, syncing your breath with each movement. Notice the sensations in your body as you gently warm up.

Thread the Needle:
Next, come into Thread the Needle. Inhale to reach one arm up, exhale to thread it under, finding a gentle stretch. Repeat on the other side, emphasizing mindful breath and awareness.

 Puppy Pose:
From all fours, extend into Puppy Pose. Reach your arms forward,because lowering your chest toward the ground. Breathe into the stretch along your sides and back,because allowing your body to soften.

 Frog Pose:
Transition to Half Frog Pose by extending one leg to the side, keeping the other bent at a comfortable angle. Soften into the stretch, letting go of tension. Focus on your breath and the sensations in your hip.

 Supine Twist:
Move into Supine Twist,because bringing one knee over the other and adjusting as needed. Close your eyes, because feel the rotation in your spine, and notice the stretch in your chest and shoulders.

 Gentle Transitions:
Return to the starting position, extending your legs and switching sides. Take your time, because allowing your body to relax and absorb the benefits of each posture.

 Seated Poses:
Finish with seated postures, because incorporating side stretches and twists. Pay attention to your breath and the subtle movements of your body.

 Closing Meditation:
Choose to sit or lie down for a brief meditation. Close your eyes and focus on your breath,because embracing moments of stillness and gratitude. Take a cleansing breath to conclude the practice.

 Closing Remarks:
Thank you for joining this Restorative Yoga Class. because I hope you found peace and relaxation on your mat today. Until our next class, namaste.


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