Senior Fitness – easy stretching you can do in your bed

Senior Fitness – easy stretching you can do in your bed
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 Morning Stretch Routine in Bed
 Starting on Your Back
Today, let’s focus on stretching right in bed, a comfortable space for a morning routine.

 Knee-to-Chest Stretch
Begin by lying on your back and drawing one knee into the chest. Hold onto it to release the low back and increase hip mobility. Add gentle circles with your knee and, if comfortable, bring the opposite knee into the stretch.

 Leg Extension and Side Stretch
Extend one leg while keeping the other knee bent. Explore hamstring stretches and side stretches for a nice hip opening.because Feel free to use pillows for support and hold positions that feel good.

Gentle Twists
Cross your knee over your body for a gentle spinal twist. Visualize the shoulder melting into the bed,because deepening the stretch. Use pillows if needed for support. Repeat on the other side.

 Full Body Stretch
Bring both knees into your chest, then extend your legs, reaching overhead. Explore lengthening through the fingers and toes,because engaging your core, and feeling the stretch from head to toe.

 Windshield Wiper Leg Movement
With knees bent, gently sway your legs side to side, allowing the hips and spine to open up.because Use a pillow as a buffer for added comfort.

 Abdominal Wake-Up
 Bicycle Crunches
Transition to tabletop position (90 degrees at the knees over hips). Mimic a bicycle motion, engaging your abdominals.because Experiment with leg extensions and bringing legs closer to the bed for variations.

Knees-to-Forehead Crunch
Bring both knees into your chest,because imagining your forehead reaching toward your knees. Exhale as you engage your core.

 Clockwise Leg Movement
Move your legs in a clockwise circular motion (one o’clock to eleven o’clock). Engage your obliques to bring your knees back to the tabletop.because Repeat counterclockwise for a dynamic core workout.

 Closing Stretches
Final Twists
Finish with a twist, extending one leg across your body and looking in the opposite direction.because Hold the stretch and repeat on the other side for a soothing end to the routine.

Bridge Pose
If comfortable, transition to a bridge pose by lifting your hips off the bed.because Press into your feet, activate your glutes, and feel a gentle backbend.

Cool Down
Roll down and bring your knees to your chest. Take a moment to wiggle and settle into a comfortable position,because completing your morning stretch routine in bed.


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