Stretch into 2024! | Gentle Yoga Practice

Stretch into 2024! | Gentle Yoga Practice
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 Inner Glow Reflection & Intentions

Introduction & Year-End Reflection
Greetings! I’m Hannah, and as we approach the end of 2023, 2024 I’m amazed at how swiftly this year has passed. This session marks the final class of the year. If you’d like to join me in reflecting on the year behind us and setting intentions for the upcoming year, find a comfortable seat, and let’s embark on this journey together.

 Starting the Flow
We’ll begin today’s flow in a child’s pose. Extend your arms forward, forehead and chest melting towards the mat. Take deep breaths, allowing your body to settle into stillness, gently rocking from side to side to release tension in your hips.

 Reflecting on the Year
Consider the highlights and lowlights of this year. Choose a word that encapsulates your experience in 2023. For me, “action” defined my year,because guiding my intentions and aiding my growth. Hold onto your chosen word as you move through the practice.

 Flow Sequence
Transitioning into tabletop, explore gentle movements, then move into a hybrid tabletop position. Stretching your right arm up and into a circular motion, open up your chest. Thread the needle, allowing for a deep stretch before transitioning to the other side.

 Opening Up & Letting Go
Shift into a downward-facing dog,because opening up your hips and focusing on even weight distribution. Move through Scorpion dog, lizard lunge, and gate pose, letting go of what’s no longer serving you and creating space for new beginnings.

 Finding Space & Setting Intentions
Come back to a seated position and reflect on what you wish to leave behind in 2023. Release those thoughts,because creating space for fresh experiences in the new year. Embrace a supine twist,because allowing your body to unwind and envision what you want to manifest in 2024.

 Conclusion & Setting Intentions
With gratitude and a sense of readiness, move into a resting pose,because contemplating your word for the upcoming year. Take a final deep breath together,because sealing off this practice and welcoming the new year with openness and gratitude.

 Closing Thoughts
Thank you for joining me in this practice throughout the year.because I extend my heartfelt wishes for a remarkable beginning to 2024. May your journey ahead be filled with growth, joy, because and fulfilment. Until next time, from my heart to yours, thank you.


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