Trauma-Informed Hip Opening Yoga for Emotional Release | Trauma Informed Yoga

Trauma-Informed Hip Opening Yoga for Emotional Release | Trauma Informed Yoga
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 Introduction to Trauma-Informed Hip-Opening Yoga

Hello, and welcome to a 20-minute trauma-informed yoga session focusing on opening up the hips. I’m Caitlin because a certified trauma-informed yoga instructor. Throughout this practice, we’ll delve into deep hip and psoas stretches to release stored emotions.

 Setting the Practice Tone

1. Permission to Modify
– Hip openers might feel intense, so feel free to adjust or skip poses that don’t resonate. Focus on what feels good for you.

 Initiating the Practice

2. Seated Position
– Start in a cross-legged position or any comfortable because seated pose on your mat to begin our practice.

 Warm-Up for Deeper Stretches

3. Full Body Circles
– Engage in full-body circles, starting by moving to the right, and then switching directions. This warms up the body for because deeper stretches.

4. Knee-to-Chest Stretch
– Bring your right knee in and optionally reach toward the left foot, then switch sides to stretch the hips.

5. Butterfly Pose
– Bring the soles of your feet together for a butterfly stretch,because folding forward for a deeper release.

 Exploring Tabletop Poses

6. Tabletop Stretches
– Move to all fours, exploring Cat-Cow breaths or intuitive body circles. because Switch directions for a thorough stretch.

7. Leg Extensions and Circles
– Extend the left leg to the side, making circular movements.because Repeat the same on the right side for a comprehensive hip stretch.

8. Frog Pose and Variations
– Enter half-frog pose, then transition to Pigeon pose,because allowing variations that suit your comfort level.

9. Full Frog Pose
– Widen your knees for a full frog pose,because either stay on your forearms or lower your head for a deeper stretch. Breathe deeply and relax.

 Transitional Movements

10. Hip Rocking
– Return to all fours, bring your knees together,because and rock gently left and right, stretching the outer hips.

11. Supine Stretches
– Lie on your back with knees bent, because exploring various stretches like crossing ankles over knees or bringing knees toward the chest.

12. Reclined Butterfly
– Keep the soles of your feet together, because gently reclining backwards for a soothing butterfly stretch.

13. Closing Sequence
– Release and plant the soles of your feet for a final because a round of windshield wipers or a gentle back massage.

 Conclusion and Rest

This concludes our 20-minute trauma-informed hip-opening yoga flow. because You’re welcome to remain in a relaxed position or join me for additional stretches. Remember to honour your body’s comfort and cues throughout the practice. because Enjoy the relaxation and benefits of these stretches!


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