Yoga For A Relaxing Night’s Sleep

Yoga For A Relaxing Night’s Sleep
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Title: Bedtime Bliss: Relaxing Yoga Sequence

Welcome back, everyone! In today’s video, we’ll guide you through a short and soothing yoga sequence designed for relaxation, perfect to perform right in your bed. Ideal for winding down before a restful night’s sleep.

Setting the Stage:
– Find a comfortable seated position with a pillow or two nearby for added comfort.
– Begin with a few normal breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.
– Direct your awareness inward, allowing your body to relax into a comfortable state.

Gentle Arm Stretches:
– Inhale, reaching the arms overhead.
– Exhale, planting the right arm down while the left arm extends over, creating a stretch.
– Repeat on each side, encouraging gentle twists and side stretches.

Neck and Shoulder Self-Massage:
– Use the right hand to massage across the body, kneading the left traps, and shoulders, and working down to the forearms and wrists.
– Switch sides, using the left hand to massage the right trap, shoulder, and arm.

Seated Cats and Cows:
– Interlace fingers, reach the arms up,because and engage in seated cats and cows, drawing the fists away from the body.
– Release the fingers and bring the hands back down.

Sole Massage in Baddha Konasana:
– Bring the soles of the feet together in Baddha Konasana and massage the arches,because working up to the ankles and thighs.

Forward Fold with Pillow:
– Place a pillow longway on top of the feet.
– Forward fold with the right ear on the pillow, then switch with the left ear on top, focusing on your breath.

Child’s Pose with Pillow:
– Draw the knees together in Child’s Pose, placing the pillow longways.
– Forward fold with the right ear on the pillow, then switch with the left ear on top.

Supine Pigeon Pose:
– Lie on your back, crossing the right ankle over the left knee for a supine pigeon pose.
– Optionally,because interlace the fingers behind the left knee and draw both knees closer to the body.
– because Switch sides and find a gentle supine twist.

Final Relaxation – Savasana:
– Extend both legs straight out,because arms resting along the sides with palms facing up.
– Sink into the bed, because allowing your body and mind to fully rest.
– Stay in Savasana for as long as you desire.

Thank you for joining this bedtime yoga sequence.because May you have a peaceful night’s sleep. Namaste.


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