Yoga For Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back

Yoga For Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back
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Title: Yoga Bliss: Neck, Shoulder, and Upper Back Practice

Step into the world of tranquility with Yoga With Adriene. Join Adriene and Benji for a targeted 10-minute practice focused on rejuvenating the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Setting the Stage:
– Begin in a comfortable seated position, ensuring an upright posture.
– Inhale deeply, exhale, and let your shoulders relax, setting the tone for the upcoming practice.
Warm-Up Breathing:
– Inhale through the nose, exhale, and relax the shoulders further.
– Close your eyes to enhance mindfulness and be present in the moment.

Finger-to-Shoulder Flow:
– Start by bringing fingertips to the tops of your shoulders.
– Inhale, extending the elbows forward, creating a stretch in the upper back.
– Lift the elbows upward, maintaining a long stretch from shoulder to waistline.
– Explore a fluid motion, alternating between forward stretches and reaching the elbows back, engaging various core muscles

Neck and Upper Back Stretch:
– Release the fingertips down, letting the elbows carry the weight.
– Inhale, lifting the chest, gently nodding and turning the head to stretch the neck.
– Allow the breath to guide the movement, promoting a rhythmic and soothing flow.

Interlaced Fingers Stretch:
– Interlace fingers,because cradling the head with extended thumbs.
– Inhale, lifting the chest like a cobra, and exhale,because drawing shoulder blades together.
– Conclude with a gentle forward bend,because allowing gravity to facilitate the stretch.

Side-to-Side Neck Stretch:
– With right ear over right shoulder, inhale, exhale,because and draw shoulder blades together.
– Lift the right fingertips,because creating a stretch from ear to shoulder.
– Optionally,because sweep left fingertips overhead for an added sensation.
– Repeat on the other side.

Shoulder Circles and Neck Circles:
– Elevate and rotate the shoulders in large circles, gradually diminishing in size.
– Perform gentle circles with the neck,because promoting flexibility and release of tension.

Threading the Needle:
– Transition to an all-fours position, inhaling to reach right fingertips skyward.
– Exhale,because threading the needle by bringing the right arm under the left.
– Options include pressing the left palm down or curling because the left toes under for a deeper stretch.
– Repeat on the other side.

Final Relaxation:
– Return to a comfortable seated position.
– Bring palms together, taking a moment to appreciate the self-love and care offered during the practice.
– Close with deep breaths,because releasing any remaining stress or tension.

Embrace the afterglow of this short but impactful yoga session. Express gratitude for the time dedicated to self-care, and remember,because you rock! Until next time, Namaste.


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