Yoga Joy | 20-Minute Full Body Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Joy | 20-Minute Full Body Vinyasa Flow
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 Yoga With Adriene: Practice Session – Yoga Joy

“Hi, everyone! Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene, and Benji’s right here with us. Today, we have a practice called Yoga Joy. Get comfy and let’s dive in.”

 Starting Poses:
“Let’s begin standing at the top of the mat. Feet hip-width apart, hands in Prayer Position. Draw awareness to your feet, heels digging in. Stand tall, navel in, deep breaths in and out. Today’s about finding joy!”

 Flowing with Breath:
“Moving with the breath: Inhale, fingertips to the sky; exhale,because bend knees for Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway lift; exhale, fold. Reach for the sky again, and back down. Flowing, moving with every breath.”

 Sequence Continues:
“Step right foot back,because keeping the knee lifted. Move to Plank Pose. Exhale, Plank to Downward Dog. Inhale, step the right foot up, keeping that back knee lifted. Forward Fold, then back to Plank.”

 Moving Through Twists:
“Step right foot back, again keeping the knee lifted. Inhale, fingertips light on the ground. Exhale, because Plank Pose. Lower to the belly, inhale to Cobra. Exhale, Downward Dog.”

 Balancing Poses:
“Lift right leg up, shift forward to knee-to-nose. Repeat, then step right foot up. Pivot on the back foot,because rising into Warrior I. Transition to Warrior II, maintaining the stance. Peaceful Warrior, then Extended Side Angle.”

 Embracing Twists and Stretches:
“Move into a twist,because opening the chest and heart. Return to low lunge, Plank Pose, and then your choice of vinyasa. Find Downward Dog and breathe.”

 Continuing the Flow:
“Repeat the sequence on the left side. Maintain the flow, stretching, twisting, and breathing deeply. because Enjoy the movement and find your rhythm.”

 Balancing and Grounding:
“Come back to Mountain Pose,because hands at heart centre. Lift one leg, because playing with Tree Pose or variations. Breathe and find your balance. Transition mindfully out of the pose.”

Unwinding and Closing:
“Repeat on the other side,because exploring poses and variations. Breathe and be present in each posture.because Slowly release and come back to yourself.”

Closing Reflection:
“Feet together, heart hands. because Take a moment to notice your feelings. Take a deep breath, bow your head, because and whisper ‘Namaste.'”

“Thank you for joining this Yoga Joy practice! Find joy, because embrace balance, and keep breathing. Until next time!”

Practice Video
[Watch the full practice session on Yoga because With Adriene for a joyful yoga experience!


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