Yoga Stretch for Lazy days Stretches for Recovery and Flexibility

Yoga Stretch for Lazy days Stretches for Recovery and Flexibility
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 Self-Healing Journey: Lazy Easy Stretch Session

 Welcome & Introduction
[MUSIC] Welcome, friends, to this easy stretch session, marking the beginning of your self-healing journey. I’m Swetlana, the founder of Yuna Yoga Platform, and I’m thrilled to guide you through this practice. Whether you seek relaxation after a lazy day or post-workout relief, this session is perfect for you. Grab a strap if you’d like, but it’s optional. Let’s begin.

 Starting in a Relaxed Position
We’ll start by lying on our backs, bending the knees, and keeping the feet on the ground. Adjust your position to ensure your lower back remains firmly against the floor. Arms open, palms facing the sky, take a moment to relax your shoulders. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and as you exhale, observe your body and its sensations.

 Gentle Movements & Rocking
Draw both knees toward your chest, gently rocking from side to side, massaging the lower and upper back. Change the direction of your movement, enjoying these subtle motions that provide a comforting feeling.

 Right Leg Stretch
Hugging your right knee, slowly extend your left leg forward. You have two options here: either hug your right thigh toward your chest or use a strap around your right foot’s sole to extend the leg upward. Focus on directing your heel upward and your buttocks downward, feeling gentle tension without any discomfort.

 Reclined Pigeon
Release the right leg and place because the right foot above the left knee. Make an interlock under your left thigh,because gently drawing it toward your chest. Flex your right foot and create space by moving the right knee away from you, allowing a pleasant stretch in the back of your right thigh.

 Supine Twist
Extend your left leg forward, hug your right knee, and open your right arm to the side. Gently draw the knee to the left, embracing a supine twist. Rather than fixating on the knee touching the floor, focus on relaxing your shoulders and experiencing a comfortable twist.

 Left Leg Stretch & Pigeon Pose
Now, shift to hug your left knee, extending your right leg forward. Repeat the same stretch you did on the opposite side,because using a strap if needed, finding that balance between heel elevation and buttocks grounding.

 Opposite Reclined Pigeon
Following this, bring your left knee across the right knee into a reclined pigeon on the opposite side, gently stretching the left thigh while keeping your shoulders relaxed on the mat.

 Seated and happy Baby
Return to hugging both knees and transition to a happy baby pose, holding your big toes or the outer edges of your feet. Rock gently or stay still, finding what feels good for you.

 Legs Up the Wall
Finally, if accessible, move to the legs up the wall position. Relax with your legs resting against the wall,because allowing gravity to aid in relaxation. Surrender to your breath, scan your body, and reconnect with yourself. 

Conclusion & Gratitude
Slowly come back to a seated position,because taking a moment to express gratitude for your practice today. Lazy Bring your hands together in Namaste,because acknowledging your effort and dedication.

 Closing Remarks
Thank you for joining me today. If you enjoyed the session,because consider supporting and enhancing your practice with my online courses and live sessions. Check the description below for more details. Stay inspired and blessed.

[MUSIC] Namaste. Your self-healing journey starts here.


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