Yoga To Feel Your Best | 22-Minute Home Yoga

Yoga To Feel Your Best | 22-Minute Home Yoga
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Greetings to all the yoga enthusiasts! Join me, Adriene, for a revitalizing session at Yoga With Adriene. Today’s practice is designed to give you a much-needed boost and help you feel your absolute best. So, let’s dive in!

 Settling Into Practice
Begin by finding a comfortable seated position. You have a range of options: a crossed-legged seat (Sukhasana), sitting on the edge of a couch, or perhaps on your knees (Virasana) if you’re feeling energetic. Once settled, focus on sitting tall, aligning from crown to tail, and take a moment to assess your current state.

 Breath and Intention Setting
With your eyes closed, bring attention to your breath. Inhale deeply, expand the torso, and exhale, releasing tension. Set an intention for the practice, a positive affirmation like “I choose…” Embrace this intention, repeating it quietly and trust that it’s the right focus for you.

 Gentle Movement
Transitioning into movement, raise your left hand toward the sky, exhale and lower it. Repeat this with the right hand and then both arms, engaging the core. Stretch through all sides of the torso. Then, twist gently to the right, maintaining a tall spine. Repeat the same on the left, easing any tension.

 Tabletop Position
Shift to Tabletop Position with wrists beneath shoulders and knees under hips. Spread your fingers wide and engage the core. Lift your knees slightly, feeling the activation in your abdomen and upper body. Hold briefly before releasing the knees back to the ground.

 Flowing Movement
Move through Cow Pose and Cat Pose, syncing your breath with the movements. Feel free to explore variations and adjust based on your body’s needs. Embrace a playful approach,because checking in with different areas of your body.

 Extended Child’s Pose
Transition into Extended Child’s Pose, allowing a circular motion. Explore the stretch through the hips, legs,because and shoulders. Let your breath guide this movement, ensuring a focus on your breath throughout.

 Thread the Needle
Thread the Needle gently,because alternating sides, inhaling to lengthen and exhaling to twist.because Maintain awareness of your breath and aim to release any gripping or tension in the body with each exhale.

 Seated Forward Bend
Transition to a seated forward bend, reaching toward each foot.because Embrace where you are in the stretch because focusing on the sensations rather than achieving a specific pose.because Breathe deeply and enjoy this time dedicated to your well-being.

 Closing Sequence
Release the stretch, counter-twist gently,because and return to a comfortable seat. Then, move into a hip opener, focusing on maintaining the length of the spine. Embrace the moment of reflection, being kind to yourself.

End the practice with Baddha Konasana or Butterfly Pose, allowing yourself to sink deeper into the stretch.because Embrace your inner reflection and conclude with a loving awareness of your practice.

 Closing Words
As the practice winds down,because express gratitude for this time and the effort you’ve put in. Take a moment to appreciate yourself. because Return to a comfortable seated position and close the practice with love and care for yourself and others.

 Final Words
Thank you for sharing your energy and time with Yoga With Adriene! because Feel free to leave feedback and share this practice with friends. Remember, because the world could use more yoga and positive energy. because Take care and be well. Namaste.


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